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Healthier Easter Egg Fillers and Hunt Ideas


Easter is Sunday (no joke)!

If you have little ones at home who still like to do Easter Egg Hunts but you are looking for alternatives to candy, my friend shared these non-candy, healthier ideas with me and I thought they were fun ideas to pass along with you...

  1. Baby Carrots or Grapes

  2. Seeds to grow flowers in the Spring

  3. Puzzle Pieces

  4. Fun shoelaces

  5. Chuck E. Cheese coins

  6. Hair Bands/Hair Bows

  7. Play-doh Eggs (can purchase at stores like Target and Walmart)

  8. Crayons

  9. Erasers

  10. Stickers

  11. Chapstick

  12. Mini Nail Polish

  13. LEGO pieces

  14. Earrings/Rings/Bracelets

  15. Little plastic dinosaurs and/or chicks

  16. Goldfish snacks

  17. Fruit snacks or yogurt covered raisins

  18. Tattoos/Stickers

  19. Bouncy Balls

  20. Mini Glow Sticks

  21. Small container of Bubbles

  22. Money

  23. Plastic Army Men

  24. Hot Wheels/Matchbox Cars

  25. Silly Putty

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Also, I found this clever Easter Egg Fitness Treasure Hunt that will keep the kids moving while they're on the hunt! You just write various fitness activities for them to do and clues on little pieces of paper and place the papers inside plastic eggs. Then place the eggs in their specific locations. The egg-hunters must do the exercise in order to move on to the next location. So clever!

You could even do this activity with friends, family members or neighbors! 😉



Although egg hunts and bunnies are fun, Easter is so much more than that. If you're wanting to learn more about the meaning of Easter OR are looking for a Good Friday/Easter service to attend, please send me an email <> and I'd be happy to help!

Tomorrow is Good Friday, but Sunday's coming! 🙌🏻 May you have a blessed Easter with family and friends.

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