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A Recipe for Success

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I was having a conversation recently with a client about her diet, and how she wanted/needed to make some changes. We all know there are multiple ways to lose weight, and most people cut their calories by eliminating certain food groups, like grains or dairy. But what else helped her?

She had been working with me since the spring, and had been feeling so much better, but had recently "fallen off the wagon" so to speak. To get back on track, she decided instead to focus on increasing her vegetables and healthy proteins. This is a winning approach for multiple reasons!

Here are simple health tips for success:

  1. Protein is filling and takes extra time to digest, which keeps your body satisfied for longer.

  2. Vegetables are full of nutrients and fiber that meet the nutritional demands your body is craving. In fact, many campers on a recent challenge we did found that when they did eat their veggies, they didn't crave the junk foods they used to (they had to eat 7 servings daily).

  3. Good choices breed good choices. They have a positive domino effect!

  4. Your mind will feel positive and happy instead of negative and shaming yourself.

You see, if you want to have a healthy lawn, you have to give water and nutrients to the good grass that is already there so it will eventually take over and flourish. If you want to have a healthy body that will look good and feel good for the long run, you must give it the nutrients it needs and keep your body moving. Our bodies were made to move, not sit for long hours.

This is a definite recipe for success!

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