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Are You a Fan of Your Arms? You Can Be!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Pam doing bicep curls in Health and Soul Fitness shirt

We have been doing a monthly challenge related to either nutrition or fitness, and this month is August Arms! 💪🏻 Some of you may immediately think that working the arms is only about looks, and that is faulty thinking! We need strong arms all day long - to pick up children/grandchildren 👶🏼, to do yard or house work 🧹, to put an item on a shelf, to carry those grocery bags 🛒, etc.

But let's be honest, what usually motivates us to strengthen our arms are those wings that can start to sag or jiggle at the underneath side of our arms! I want you to feel comfortable at the pool and in your summer clothes (which is all year in Texas 😎), so that's why we are doing this challenge!

Tracey and Michelle doing tricep dips

So how do we get strong, defined arms?

Well, it's repetition and resistance. I am going to help you do that! For the month of August we are going to do 30 repetitions of a different arm exercise everyday! We will take a day of rest on Sundays. You will have to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get the arm exercise of the day. I also just started a NEW YouTube channel and will be uploading videos there, too!

  • August 1st - 30 tricep overhead extensions

  • August 2nd - 30 bicep curls (use weights, canned goods, gallons of milk, etc)

  • August 3rd - 30 tricep kickbacks (video)

  • August 4th - REST day

  • August 5th - 30 hammer curls

  • August 6th - 30 hands up push-ups (video)

  • August 7th - 30 overhead presses

  • August 8th - 30 skull crushers (video)

  • August 9th - 30 reverse flys (video)

  • August 10th - 30 cobra push-ups (video)

  • August 11th - REST day

  • August 12th - 30 dips

  • August 13th - 30 press backs (video)

  • August 14th - 30 scarecrows (video)

  • August 15th - 30 lateral raises (video)

  • August 16th - 30 offering squats (video)

  • August 17th - 30 chest flys (video)

  • August 18th - REST day

  • August 19th - 30 row & back (video)

  • August 20th - 30 curl & reach (video)

  • August 21st - 30 Arnold presses (video)

  • August 22nd - 30 tricep push-ups (video)

  • August 23rd - 30 dive bombers (video)

  • August 24th - 30 goal posts (video)

  • August 25th - REST day

  • August 26th - 30 single arm tricep extensions

  • August 27th - 30 pike presses

  • August 28th - 30 kickboxing punches

  • August 29th - 30 plank kickbacks

  • August 30th - 30 pullover crunches

  • August 31st - 30 bicep curl to overhead press

(Not on social media? If you are one of those rare birds who has been able to resist social media, then email me and I will send you the set for the week.😄)

Bootcamp showing off arm muscles

Honestly, it takes about 8 weeks to really see the results you are looking for. But with our 30 day challenge, you will start to see the difference by the end of the month!

We do these challenges because they are fun and keep us moving. Of course, I need your whole body to be active, not just your arms. So if you need a plan for fitness, email me at pam@healthandsoulfitness and let's get you strong and lean! 💪🏻

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