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What Makes a Hero?

Today is Independence Day in America. It is a great day for remembering the past, pondering the present, and contemplating the future. In reflecting on the past, I like to think about what all had to happen for the Declaration of Independence to get signed. Did you realize that 56 people had to agree on a document and all put their stamp of approval on it? Getting 56 people in our current government to agree on a set of rules and sign it seems insurmountable, but we won't go there. These people believed so strongly in our nation that they were willing to lay aside their differences and come together for the greater cause. They are some of my heroes. I feel blessed to be in a nation that values freedom and that gave us a God-honoring start.

Do we have any modern day heroes? This question is first answered by my beliefs. I believe in a God who is personal and whose love for everyone is all encompassing, so my heroes are men and women of faith who have given their all so others will know Him as well. He gave us the Great Commandment to Love Him and then to love others as much as ourselves. I am passionate about wellness because I believe taking care of our minds and bodies is the first step in loving ourselves. Stories of people overcoming great odds to become healthy and strong encourage and inspire me to do and be more.

As I contemplate on the future, I am encouraged by the stories from my kids and the kids of my peers. Sure there is a lot of hurt and confusion among our youth, but there is also so much compassion and generosity of spirit. One of my boot campers told me this morning that her kids were holding a lemonade stand and the proceeds would go to fight childhood cancer. All three of my young adult children have chosen to give of their unique time and talent to those who are in need. I see HOPE all around.

So what makes a hero? Everyday people, created in the image of God, who are displaying His characteristics of compassion, love, grace, honor, respect, justice, and mercy to the world around them. We can all be someone's Hero.

Happy 4th of July!!!

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