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Consistency is key, isn’t it? 


We want to celebrate your consistency! Every time you come to a Health and Soul Fitness class, you will have the opportunity to "check in" on your phone. As your check-ins pile up, you will feel a sense of accomplishment - and we will celebrate with you as you reach certain milestones and achieve your goals!


Everyone will be able to track their class check-ins and points on our member Leaderboard. Core members will only be able to earn points on their birthday, for winning a team game at class, and for referring friends who sign up, but will not earn points for daily check-ins. Only Elite & Premier members will be able to earn points for checking in, as listed below.


ALL members and tiers will be able to redeem their hard-earned points for rewards like class discounts, awesome HSF swag, low-carb Biotrust protein powder, gift cards, and more!


*Only HSF Elite and HSF Premier members are eligible to earn bonus points and class check-in points.

*Be sure to bring your phone to every class! Keep in mind that you will only be able to check-in by scanning the QR code available at each class and filling out the form within 2 hours of your class time on days when we have class AND you are physically present. After the time frame for your class has passed or when there is no class, the form will be closed until the next class.


*Points will be deducted from your total amount of points whenever you redeem a reward.

Ready to redeem your points? Fill out this form.

CONGRATULATIONS on redeeming a reward! We are verifying your points and will get back to you very soon.

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