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5 Fun and Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is rapidly approaching - and that means the temptation of various candy and treats will be lurking everywhere. But balancing the candy-filled holiday with nutritious treats is easier than you think! If you're looking for healthy treats, here are 5 fun and healthy ideas that everyone will enjoy!

These orange jack-o'-lanterns take five minutes to make and they're super cute! All you need are some oranges and a permanent marker. Talk about easy peasy!


The rainbow of fresh vegetables make this the liveliest skeleton you've seen all season. 😂 Add a healthy, homemade dip and you'll transform a typical veggie tray for your Halloween party!

Or if you'd rather do a pumpkin instead of a skeleton, this veggie tray is another fun idea!


How adorable are these BOO-ana ghosts all lined up in a row!? 🍌 These are a super simple and healthy treat that everyone will enjoy! Just grab some bananas and healthy chocolate chips!


Isn't this fruit cocktail so colorful? Instead of whipped cream, try the So Delicious Dairy Free CocoWhip Coconut Whipped Topping! I LOVE to use that on top of fresh fruit as a delicious treat!


This is such an easy, healthy, and spooky snack that the kids and adults will enjoy! All you need are apples, nut butter or sunflower seed butter, and sunflower seeds.


By the way, will you join our NO-CANDY Halloween Challenge!? Get all the details on our Facebook page.

For more healthy recipes, get our Free Meal Prep Guide!

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