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Swinging Like Tarzan!

Jungle Tarzan

If you think this post will be a training blog for the Spartan race, you're going to have to think again. Although, the application will totally fit, so keep reading. We will talk a little bit more about goals. After all, it's still January. But today I want to address one specific goal method that is less conventional but works well for me.

Tarzan Method

Have you ever heard of the Tarzan Method when it comes to achieving goals or results? It’s pretty cool – and I am going to challenge you to try it this week. Here’s how it works. Imagine how Tarzan swings through the jungle, from tree to tree, vine to vine. He doesn’t have a predetermined route. He simply grabs the next available vine. His route isn’t necessarily the straightest or the most efficient, but he’s always moving with forward momentum. And he always gets to where he is going. It’s not the right fit for EVERY goal you want to achieve, but sometimes it’s just simply not realistic to have every single detail planned out. I know some of my planner friends are feeling sweat beads form because this seems too unstructured, but you are probably the ones who should definitely give this a try!

We can get paralyzed trying to plan out our route and get the path lined up perfectly and never get started.

So your task this week is to apply this method to ONE PARTICULAR aspect of your life where you’re struggling...whether it be work, a personal issue, or making the right meal choices. When the next opportunity is in front of you... TAKE IT and make that one decision to move you closer towards that goal. Don’t think of everything you need to do in the future to achieve the larger goal- just take it one vine at a time.

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