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Simple Ways to Get in a Workout Wherever You Are


If you're needing to squeeze in a quick, effective workout but cannot make it out of the house or are traveling, you can still get a great workout using things in your home, apartment, or hotel.

Here are a few simple ways you can get in a great workout with things you likely already have on hand:

  1. Stairs – These are great for running up and down or doing calf raises on the edge.

  2. Wall – Use any wall to do a timed wall sit…your thighs will love you! Also good for beginner pushups.

  3. Chair – Perfect for doing tricep arm dips or stationery lunges with one leg on the chair behind you.

  4. Step Stool - Great for toe taps or step aerobics! Quickly step side to side over the stool to get your heart rate up.

  5. Counter – If you aren't able to do pushups on the ground, this is a great alternative for doing narrow or tricep pushups (or a wall).

  6. Paper Plates - Place each foot on a paper plate and do fast mountain climbers to get your heart pumping! Also great for side lunges.

  7. Towel or Broom – Lay a towel or broom on the ground and jump over it side to side.

  8. Canned Goods – Use soup cans for Russian twists, or heavier cans for shoulder presses or bicep curls.

  9. Mop Bucket - Add several canned goods to a mop bucket to practice farmer carries or for doing dead lifts (paint cans work too!).

  10. Laundry Basket - Quickly push a loaded basket around on the floor.

  11. Jump Ropes – Use a jump rope as intended will get your heart rate up! No jump rope? Jump in place.

  12. Milk or Water Jugs - Grab the milk/water jugs with handles and do some squats! Each gallon weighs about 8.5lbs, so a great way to up your workout.

  13. Basketball - Do mountain climbers, pushups, or hold a plank with your arms on a basketball for an extra challenge!

  14. Kids Backpacks - Load them up with some weight while doing cardio or body weight exercises.

  15. Babies/Toddlers – Kids love being part of the exercise and they make great “weights.” 😉

Working out with kids

Wherever Workout (Modify as Needed):

  • Run up and down stairs 15 times (up and down is 1 rep).

  • If you don't have stairs, do 100 jumping jacks + run in place for 3 minutes.

  • Do a wall sit for 1 minute.

  • Jump side to side over a towel or broom laid on the ground OR jump rope for 1 minute.

  • Do 100 squats holding water jugs or paint cans by your side.

  • Do 30 arm dips holding on to the edge of a chair.

  • Do 100 Russian twists with heavier canned goods.

  • Do 50 stationery leg lunges per leg with your back leg on a chair.

  • Do 10 tricep pushups on the edge of the counter or ground.

  • Do 20 mountain climbers with feet on paper plates (1:1).

  • Hold a 1-minute plank with both hands or feet on a basketball.

  • Repeat workout 3x!

Most importantly...have FUN!


If you are looking for even more workout ideas, download our FREE At-Home Workouts eBook that is filled with 20 workouts plus demonstrations!

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