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3 Tips for Healthy Travel

Traveling is great for the mind and soul, but it can sometimes wreck havoc on the body! And now more than ever people are concerned about staying healthy, especially during travel.

I constantly have people workout with me after a 2-week break and tell me they can't believe how challenging it is! The good news is that it doesn't have to set you back. With just a few intentional moments, you can keep your body feeling good while you are out of your routine.


1. When you are in transit.

When you have to stay seated for long periods of time during travel, think of the end of a yoga class and work through each part of your body from head to toe. Start with some overhead reaches, wrist circles, and arm curls. Then move into some shoulder rolls, neck releases, and core rotations. As you move into your lower body, tighten and release the different muscles and move the legs in any direction that space allows. Increase the strength and flexibility of your ankles by writing the alphabet with your feet.

Just don't invade the space of the person seated next to you. And you're going to look a little odd, so you might as well own it and laugh with them. 😂 Whenever possible, get up and walk around. Your goal here is movement and circulation, not a workout. That can come once you've reached your destination.

vacation in water swimming

2. Once you reach your destination.

So now you have arrived - let the fun begin! Depending on reason for your travel (work, pleasure, helping out, etc), you may need to schedule about 20 minutes of cardio pumping activity. Pack a jump rope, a resistance band, some Valslides (hand and feet devices to increase intensity of moves on carpet), and a lacrosse ball to help with tight muscles from the trip. Or you can do a body weight workout like the one here.

riding bikes

3. During your vacation.

Make the most of your sight seeing. Having a break from your normal routine is good for everyone. But the things that help you feel your best when you are home, like healthy diet and exercise, will also help you feel amazing while you are on the road! Keep your healthy mindset, and allow some space for a little indulgence. That will keep you from having to pay the piper when you return, and you will have a happy mind and body while you are away!

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