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Be a Little SALTY!

Table Salt

There’s always a lot of talk about salt and how bad it is for you. But there is a lot of confusion about what kind of salt is harming our bodies. It is true that salt can drive up our blood pressure and cause problems, but that kind of salt is TABLE SALT.

Man-made table salt is not nearly the same as mineral-rich natural salts. Table salt is chemically produced, bleached, and may contain anti-caking agents, MSG, and even aluminum! Processed foods are full of table salt and bad chemicals. When you place salt-water fish in water salted with table salt, sadly they don't survive.

Real salt is necessary and important for our bodies…in fact, it’s a vital electrolyte.

Himalayan Pink Salt

So which type of salt should you choose?

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt (also known as Pink Gold) contains 93 additional trace minerals, where regular table salt (created in a lab), contains only TWO. It’s also loaded with nutrients.

  2. Celtic Sea Salt is great to help alkalize your body, balance blood sugars, and even improve brain function.

P.S. - The American Heart Association recommends that we eat less than 1,500mg of sodium per day. Be sure to watch your labels at the grocery store as there are several common foods that are high in sodium that may not seem like it (breads & rolls, cold cuts & cured meats, sandwiches, pizza, soups and chicken).

"If God made it, eat it. If man made it, leave it."

Enjoy what God made - it's good for you and it tastes amazing!

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