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What does "Healthy" feel like on vacation? 🏖

Since I am a trainer, I enjoy my vacation workouts more if they’re different than my normal ones. A typical workout for me is an interval mix of cardio and weights. I actually love these workouts more than any other because the time goes fast, I don’t get bored, and my body stays in a confusion mix which keeps my metabolism high. But if I lift weights on vacation, I feel like I’m back at work.

vacation workouts

Being active makes me feel better and enjoy my day more, so I find ways to be creative with my workouts. At our villa, I have been getting the fam to do interval workouts in the pool. They are so refreshing! 💦 We have been getting our cardio and muscular workout in using our tabata timer and body and water weight. We even used a blow up ball as a weight and my kids helped me come up with new exercises! 😄

Fitness needs to stay fun and fresh, because it makes a body feel good. It’s even better if your friends or family can jump in with you! If you’re in a rut, think about what you love about your workout and make a small change. Keep it simple so that you don’t have to overthink it, and make it fun so that it feels like vacation! 🏖 Even if you’re still at home, swapping up your normal routine is really good for your brain and your emotions as well! This will help your metabolism in the long run. So whether you’re snorkeling all day, doing a quick tabata in your garage, or going on a walk in your neighborhood, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing and it’ll make your entire health journey more enjoyable!

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