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Cool Tips for Summer Workouts

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

summer fitness

The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity can make exercising in the summer challenging (especially in Texas), but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Certain workout practices will help keep you safe and healthy, no matter how hot it gets outside. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Beat the Heat ☀️

The best part about having morning bootcamp classes at Health and Soul Fitness is that we are done before the sun comes up. If you aren't a member of our bootcamp (check out this summer deal here!), consider going for a swim instead of running in the heat of the day - or moving your workouts indoors or to later in the evening.


2. Stay Hydrated 💦

Hydration is so important, especially when working out in high temperatures. The heat makes you sweat more, which puts you at greater risk for dehydration. It’s important to stop working out and take a water break if you begin to experience any signs of dehydration. According to WebMD, these include: thirst, lack of energy, and especially dry lips and tongue. If left untreated, these symptoms can escalate into something more serious such as painful cramps, dizziness and nausea.


3. Dress Light 🎽

Dress appropriately for the weather, and wear breathable clothing that allows sweat to escape without making you feel sticky. It's best to wear loose-fitting clothing and to avoid cotton as it can absorb water which may cause chaffing. And don't forget to lather on the sunscreen as you can still get sunburned - even when the sun's not out!

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