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What's the Secret to Fitness?


I have had multiple conversations this week about weight loss, nutrition, and exercise. That is not surprising since I own a fitness business, but they have all been thought provoking. When I got into exercise science as a college major, we thought we would be able to end obesity and heart disease with the "Holy Grail" of exercise. You know that hasn't happened. Although very few regular exercisers are obese, many still have much more body fat then they desire or is healthy. So what's the solution? 🤔

1. There is not one solution for every person.


We are all unique both physically and psychologically. That is why I offer a variety of transformation challenges. Our bodies respond differently to food, and we all have years of unhealthy thoughts regarding our body image and food. Finding out what works for you may be a process. It took years to get to where you are, so give yourself time and grace as you are learning and changing. Fitness is a journey, just like life. You will have ups and downs, but you want the general direction to be aiming for your desired (realistic) result.


2. Be well-rounded.

group fitness

Our bodies need to be strong, flexible, and energetic. The aging process and our sedentary society works against this synergy. But we are amazing creatures with the ability to renew our minds and bodies, so go for cardiovascular and strength workouts, stretching or yoga, and daily mind renewal.


3. Make a goal and commit.

If you aren't currently working out, try aiming for three months of fitness (walking, jogging, yoga, etc) - it doesn't need to be daily and more is not always better. Your body will burn more fat if you give it adequate recovery time. This does not mean recover on the couch for hours. Just be active and move, but don't do HIIT everyday. Set a goal for exercise, nutrition, and mental health - they're intertwined.


4. Find a SUPPORT group!

support group

Even if you consider yourself an introvert, life is always easier when you surround yourself with like-minded people. And if your family or friends aren't like-minded, ask them to be supportive. We all need to be eating healthy and moving our bodies, so find support for both. Pain is less noticeable when you have people around sweating, laughing, and cheering you on. Reach out to a professional if you need help, whether that is a trainer, a behavioral specialist, or or a nutritionist.




You're going to reach the end either way 😉, so you may as well be happy! ❤️

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