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Boost Your Brain While Moving at Work

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We have all heard in the last few years that sitting is the new smoking. That is so discouraging! 🤯 With all of the work that we do on computers, it is hard to not have a work-week full of sitting. 😬 But the good news is that you can combat those statistics with movement, and it doesn't have to be a marathon! 🏃🏻‍♀️ The calories burned during your day count just as much as the ones burned at the gym, so lets increase our daily burn!

There is an official name for these calories: non-exercise activity thermogenesis (i.e. NEAT). Small, simple NEAT activities enhance brain health by increasing metabolism through physical movement, mental stimulation, stress management and socialization. The following seated NEAT activities from Terry Eckmann, PhD, will boost your calorie burn and give your brain a boost at the same time:


  1. Wiggle or tap your toes and fingers while reading or thinking.

  2. Stand up and sit down at least every 10-20 minutes (5-10 min if possible). This will boost metabolism and strengthen your lower body.

  3. Stand up and roll your shoulders up and back, one at a time and together.

  4. After keyboarding for 5 minutes, stop and make circles with both wrists, then open and close fingers a few times.

  5. If you've been sitting for a while and you're feeling sleepy or your back is tight, stand up and reach your hands to the opposite elbows behind your back. Look right and left.

  6. While sitting in a meeting with your legs beneath your desk, subtly lift one leg at a time. Flex and point your toes.

  7. Fidget! This will be easier for some then others, but it will be beneficial for all!

  8. Give yourself a hand or foot massage.


Now I know you are probably thinking that you won't get any work done if you are focusing on all of this movement , but research actually shows that you increase your creativity and productivity with movement, so it's a WIN for you and your work! 🙌🏻

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