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Want to Make Your Brain 11 Years Younger?

eat your greens

Want to age well? Eat your greens!

A study published in the journal Neurology in December 2017 found that eating daily servings of leafy greens is associated with more youthful brains. 🧠 In their study of 960 adults, ages 58-99, over 4.7 years, they found that the people who ate the most serving of leafy greens each day had slower rates of cognitive decline. Amazingly, their brains were the equivalent of being 11 years or younger! 😱 Unless you're in your 20's, going back 11 years in the way your brain functions sounds pretty good! 👌🏻

Here's some more good news.

You don't have to consume massive amounts of Kale. The median serving was just 1.3 cups/day. You can add a cup of spinach to your eggs or smoothie in the morning and know that you have given your brain the boost it needs before you hit your workday. The nutrient and antioxidant blend of vitamin K, folate, and lutein in these green giants will keep your brain sharp and focused.

eating your greens

Try this super quick, easy, and delicious morning boost. 😋 I sauté a cup of pre-mixed bag of kale salad, a cup of spinach, and 2 eggs in a little avocado oil. Then I add some sea salt and a pepper blend. It lasts me for hours and my brain is good to go!

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