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One Simple Way to Live Longer

Updated: May 28, 2019

walking on treadmills

Pick up the Pace!

A recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that quicker walking speeds may add years to your life. Average pace walkers had a 20% lower risk of all-cause mortality than slow walkers during the study's time frame. Risk reduction jumped to 24% for brisk walkers.

If you are wondering what your pace needs to be, begin walking slightly faster then your natural speed. Then take it to the next level for 30 seconds, and back off again. You can walk at your regular pace for 1 minute, pick up your pace for another minute, and then take it to your fastest walking pace for 30 seconds.

Walking is an activity most people can do, and all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. If the weather is rainy, you can even head to the hallway on your break and do a fast 5 minutes with possibly a stairwell or two in-between. This is an easy win for the body and the brain, because when you help one you help the other.

So lace up those shoes and take a walk!

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