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5 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Holidays!

stay healthy in the holidays

The holidays are here and you want to enjoy them, but you also don't want to lose all the fitness gains you have made recently. Or should we say gain all of the weight you have worked so hard to lose. Is there a way to really enjoy the holidays and maintain both your fitness and your weight? YES! Here are my 5 ways to enjoy not only the holidays, but feel good about yourself during and after.

workout shoes

1. Don't miss your workouts!

Sure you are busy, and maybe you are up late or you have a party during your normal workout time. That's ok. Just be INTENTIONAL and PLAN on how to burn those calories and get your brain focused at a different time. Split your workout into either three 10 minute segments, or six 5 minute segments during the day.


holiday sweets

2. Strategize your Sweets!

Did you know your taste buds get their most satisfaction from a sweet in the first 2 bites? So plan on eating 2 bites of that 🍰, or if you like to sample, pick the ones that seem amazing and put 1 bite of 4 desserts on your plate.


party with purpose

3. Party with a Purpose!

This one is my favorites. Think about WHY you are getting together with people. Hopefully you are looking forward to being with these people. Then it's easy. Remember to FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE AND NOT THE FOOD. Enjoy the food - just consider it an additional blessing to be savored. Let the 🦃 be stuffed instead of you 🍗.

What if you are not looking forward to spending extra time with your annoying co-worker or relative 🤔? Here is where it gets a little more challenging. I recommend spending some time in advance thinking of how you can bless those people. Kill them with kindness if you have to 😁. But seriously, make up your own game of how you can give to those people. Giving to the needy doesn't always mean the poor. And what happens when you get your focus off of yourself and PRACTICE GENEROSITY? You are going to feel incredible! Win- Win!


drink responsibly

4. Drink responsibly!

Alcohol has a lot of calories, and we all know a little can go a long ways. Before your party, have 2 big glasses of water. If you find yourself in the second group of my last point, then you may be tempted to over-indulge on alcohol as well as food to help you get through the evening. Now who is that going to help? Not you! You may block out your evening, but you're going to pay the price the next day. You won't be able to workout as well if at all. You added in a boat load of extra calories (which probably means you also ate a lot of extra calories because your resistance was down), and you feel lousy. Now you let the annoying people win instead of you. PICK THE WIN-WIN INSTEAD.


5. Be a Healthy Hero!

Invite someone to go on a walk or jog with you. Initiate a game of family football in the backyard. Look up some healthy recipes and bring them to your event/dinner. Once again, you will be helping both yourself and others by GIVING THE GIFT OF HEALTH. Plus, people are grateful for healthy food that tastes good. There are so many options out there now. In my next blog I will share some of my favorite healthy holiday dishes.

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