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3 Fun Ways to Burn Off Your Pie Tonight!


Okay who ate a few more calories then normal today.......almost EVERYONE! I do have to say that I am grateful I have never had to attend 2 Thanksgiving meals in one day. I know a lot of people have to do that, because they have two sets of parents close by and they need to be fair. Teenage boys can get away with that many calories, but the rest of us pretty much need to run a marathon to work those off 😂.

Okay, so I can't help you get rid of 6,000 calories 🦃🍰🥧 tonight, but I can tell you some fun ways to burn 300 or more.


1. If you aren't too concerned about the calories, or you just want to enjoy the rest of the day with your family, go take a hike. You will feel so much better mentally and physically, and you will definitely get a calorie burn. The outside air combined with the beauty of nature will help you forget about those dirty dishes and love yourself and your family all over again. ❤️

2. If you're playing number games with your family (like cards or dominoes), pick some exercises to correspond with the different numbers. For example, every time someone draws a 5, everyone does 5 burpees. When someone draws a 10, everyone does 10 jump squats, etc. At the end of each game, all of the losers have to run up and down the stairs 5 times.


3. Lastly, for those watching football or a Hallmark movie, I am giving you the link for some fun workouts that more creative trainers then me have made. These definitely bring a some extra cheer to that TV time, in addition to increasing the post-pie sluggish metabolism. I like this workout for the Hallmark movie, and this workout for the football game.

Now I know some of you are just laughing at me and saying that you will burn them off later, that is an option, too. So check out my Black Friday sale and join me for boot camp or personal training until the end of year if you are local, or contact me for online coaching if you don't live in the great city of Austin 😉.

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