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Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! ❤️ Tomorrow is the day of love, so whether you are receiving the love you desire or not, focus on giving love! I promise you will feel so much better if you share the love! It's easy to have expectations that can lead to disappointment on a holiday, especially one that is all about love and romance. But expectations come from a focus of what we want or need from another person. Each healthy relationship does have a balance of give and take. For our wellness and joy, we are going to focus today on what we can give to another person.

Maybe your gift will be a word of encouragement, maybe a hug, maybe some time spent listening, or maybe an actual gift. Think about what the special people in your life would most appreciate, and give the gift of being intentional. Although I love a little chocolate, I don't like the way so many of holidays seem to have a major candy theme. So I am going to share the love with you by offering some healthy suggestions for you for Valentine's Day! Make your own chocolate covered strawberries using dark chocolate, or melt dark chocolate and put a drop in the center of fresh raspberries. 🍓🍫 It's hard to go wrong with chocolate and fruit! 😋

If you don't have dinner reservations, you aren't going to get any good ones now, so why not stay in and do your own candlelight dinner? Does the thought of cooking makes you crazy? Then order a great meal to go and spend some quality time with your special people. There are so many great ways to express your love besides candy, so get out of the box and go that extra step. Your own heart will be filled when you do!

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