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5 Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

healthy veggies - pumpkin, tomatoes

We all know that we need to eat more vegetables.

That is probably the only nutritional advice that is not debated today (okay, there is the carnivore diet, but I don't think that one is widely respected by professionals). Yet the suggestion of getting 5-7 servings of veggies/day doesn't usually bring a happy dance to my first.

However, once a person begins to incorporate more vegetables into their daily routine, the better they feel both physically and psychologically. The knowledge that one is fueling his/her body with disease fighting antioxidants is powerfully rewarding.

Here are my 5 tips for getting your veggies in:

healthy green smoothies

1. Make a Breakfast Smoothie!

The recipes online for these are endless. Throw in a cup of spinach to your favorite smoothie or protein shake. The color will turn a pretty green, but the taste will barely change. Vegetable smoothies are delicious mixed with a little fruit and water or the milk of your choice. Better yet, add a few scoops of protein powder (I love Biotrust Low-Carb!) and you will feel satisfied until lunch!

mixed greens with eggs in skillet

2. Mix Greens in with Eggs

Saute spinach or kale salad and mix it with your morning eggs. I have shared this breakfast favorite of mine before. It literally takes about 5 minutes to have a nutrient packed start to your day!

healthy salad in bowl

3. Eat a Salad for Lunch

Greens for lunch are easiest found in a salad. Salads are easy to transport, quick to make, and can give you 3-4 servings of your vegetables in one meal! Throw some nuts and seeds on top to have a complete protein. There are so many varieties of salads quickly available in the grocery store now. We just to be careful with the toppings and the dressings.

There are great recipes online for easy homemade dressings. But I am the most thankful for the recent addition on the grocery shelves of Tessemae and Primal Kitchen, both of which are great healthy pre-made salad dressings.

Roasted veggies

4. Roast those Veggies at Dinner!

Yes, the veggies have to be cut up. So either cut up those veggies on the weekend, or buy the fresh veggies that are already chopped for you. Our family loves roasted vegetables! I just season them with a little sea salt, pepper, and a spritz of olive oil and cook at 430 degrees for about 20 min or until slightly charred. Sometimes I use Italian seasoning to give them a more savory flavor.

veggies in bowl

5. Add Extra Veggies in Recipes

Steam, microwave, and/or puree your veggies and they can be added to any sauce or soup. A soup will be delicious and warm on these cold winter nights and is great as a full meal or as a great appetizer or side dish. So satisfying! The pureed vegetables will add flavor and a nutritional punch to your spaghetti sauce or chili. Win-win!


And if you're looking for tips on meal planning, I created a completely FREE MEAL PREP GUIDE so you can always have healthy snacks and meals on hand. It's my gift to you - for a limited time!

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