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Do You Like Dining Out?

Lunch at Tiny Boxwood!

Do you like to eat out? I do. It's the delicious food prepared and served by someone else, the dishes cleaned up after by someone else, and the lingering experience. Obviously I am not talking about fast food. Someone else does prepare it and clean up after, but that is where the comparison stops. Most of us know the challenge of eating at a fast food restaurant while trying to lose weight. But what about nice, sit down restaurants? Can you eat out and make healthy choices and not wreck your weight loss plan?

The challenge is real. Calories at 92% of restaurants are said to be higher then eating at home. There is extra fat, often unhealthy fats, extra sodium, preservatives, and extra sugar. Plus the portions are often significantly higher then at food prepared at home. Depressing, right?

Do you remember what I said about the lingering experience? That is my favorite part of eating out. My daughter, Maddy, and I were just talking about how much longer everyone sits and talks when you're eating out as compared to eating at home. When the actual meal is over at home, the temptation is great to get up, clean up, and move onto something else. While dining out, as long as the phones are put away, the conversation can flow while someone refills your drink. And dining out just fits with celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. So are there any solutions or compromises? I believe there are, and I am offering you an amazing tool to help you be able to eat out and still stay on track!

Birthday Lunch with Natalie and Kathy

Click here and we will send you our brand new 2019 Dining Out guide, with everything you need to help you make healthy choices and not get side tracked when you choose to have a dining out experience. This guide addresses multiple types of cuisine, including fast food! We want you to enjoy your dining out, and not derail your health plan. So download and as always, if you have any questions or want to chat, comment and I will be happy to help! 😊

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