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One Thing That Changes Everything!

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I have a quick tip this morning that can power up your day FAST.

First thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink a big glass of water … 8 to 16 ounces!

Do this for two reasons:

● Because it’s incredibly good for your body

● It has a powerful effect on your mindset that can extend throughout the day (keep reading!)

Now, you already know the health benefits of water (my top 6 favs are below because they’re awesome enough to repeat). But the mindset benefit might be my favorite one.

A study in England found that doing ONE SMALL THING (like drinking a glass of water!) can set off a cascade effect that will help carve new habits for a lifetime! The study was aimed at helping healthcare workers provide better guidance to their patients in creating healthier lifestyles.

“Forming one ‘small’ healthy habit may thereby increase self-confidence for working towards other health-promoting habits,” they wrote in their study.

This is because when you master one healthy new habit, you begin creating a very powerful trait called SELF-EFFICACY.

SELF-EFFICACY = Your personal belief in yourself that you CAN accomplish your goals (and anything you set your mind to!).

The more you follow through with what you commit to, the more you learn to trust yourself, which in turn helps you create more intentions and conquer more habits. Starting “small” (like drinking a glass of water) is actually BIG, because it increases your chances of being successful.

NOTE: It’s super important to focus on DOING one thing (i.e., drinking water), vs. NOT DOING something (not eating fried foods). You can’t make habit of NOT doing something. 😊

OK. Are you ready to know my favorite reasons to drink water?

Top 6 Reasons to Drink Water in the Morning:

● Water boosts your metabolism and who doesn't love that! (#truth)

● Being hydrated keeps your appetite down.

● Having enough water in your system revs up your digestion.

● Being hydrated improves mental focus and alertness.

● You have better workouts.

● Your skin has better tone and is “plumper.” (the whole aging thing makes this way more relevant than I wish it was)

Even a 2% decrease in your hydration can have a powerful effect on how you feel and move! Pretty crazy bang for your buck. One way to remember to drink your water is to think of a wilting houseplant. You know how when you give that plant a big drink, it springs back to life? Your body – which is comprised of 55 to 60% water – appreciates being refreshed with water too!

So drink up - water that is 😉.

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