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This One Thing Has a Major Impact in How Well You Age

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

My Personal Trainer certification renews every 2 years at the end of August, and for that to happen, one of the requirements is that I complete a certain number of continuing education credits. Being the awesome planner that I am 😉, I usually wait until mid-July and then I start scrambling. If this is shocking to you, then we should spend more time together 😊. Now if you are still reading and wondering why this is relevant to you, let me tell you! I have been reading and learning so much and I have got to share it with you! Today's blog topic is Aging Well.

How old are you? Are you aging? (if not, hopefully you're in Heaven and you could care less about this 😉). But are you aging well?

If you are over 30, chances are good that you have given aging some thought (if you jumped on the Face App bandwagon a while back, you may have even gotten a glimpse of your older self! 🤪). Maybe you are totally healthy and just wanting to avoid wrinkles. Or maybe you have started getting some aches and pains that you would like to eliminate before they become chronic.

The good news is that there is ONE thing that you can start doing today that doesn't cost anything and will have a major impact in how well you age. Can you guess what it is?

It's if you have a Positive Aging Perspective!

I know - all of the optimists are cheering while the glass half empty crew is feeling hopeless. But there is hope for all of us! God gave us incredible minds, and they play a huge role in the health of our bodies. Obviously there can be outside factors beyond our control, but we all know stories of people who have overcome tremendous physical odds by determination and healthy lifestyle choices. And the pathway of our minds can actually be altered to look for the positive, as long as you keep feeding those encouraging, happy thoughts.

When you picture yourself in 10 years, what does that look like? Do you see yourself moving, active, playing with your grandchildren, walking your own dogs, and spending time with friends and family? If not, would you like that to be you? Spend some time pondering what you would like the rest of your life to be like, and then write down the action steps that you think will help you achieve that. The steps don't have to be overwhelming. We don't need to run a marathon when we're 70, but we do need to be able to climb the stairs and throw a bean bag in corn hole without pain.

If you need help in lining up your healthy outlook and behaviors, please reach out. I am a certified behavioral specialist as well and I love to help people find their healthiest self. ❤️

Bottom line, love and take care of your mind and body! Each day truly is a gift. Join with me in being grateful for the days we have, and looking forward to the days ahead!


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