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Healthy Heroes are Givers!

Camela Healthy Hero

Camela Knapp is our newly chosen healthy hero! Camela joined me 4 years ago from the Jazzercise world. She had been doing cardio for a long time, but not doing strength training. Since then, Camela has become so much stronger, leaner, and faster! She recently had her body fat analysis done and she has gained 4% in lean muscle mass and lost 4% in fat since adding boot camp in!

A typical day for Camela starts with rising early and doing a run before 5:30am bootcamp, then working out hard at camp, followed with working a long workday. In her free time, she can be found working on a rent house she owns, trying to help a charity for the food bank, or serving the homeless when it is freezing outside! This lady doesn't stop!

Camela is always giving not only to those in need, but also to the people around her. She has spread her care and generosity in multiple ways among our boot camp. One of my favorite ways that she gives to me is with her happy spirit. She often makes me laugh, which is welcome any time of the day, but especially at 5:30am! Here's what she has to say about camp...

"I am being serious when I say that my work day doesn't go well if I don't start the day with your 5:30am class. I am energized and ready to take on the day when I get home from class (and Bob says I am easier to get along with too!) - working out is a wonderful stress reliever for me. And it's motivating to workout with such a fun group in the morning!" - Camela

Congrats to our very own Camela Knapp! I hope you get to meet her in person and not just on this page. You rock Camela!


Healthy Hero

What is a Healthy Hero? We’ll be featuring a couple "Healthy Heroes" on the blog each month! These people will be campers who have made great improvements at boot camp, been consistent in showing up each week, recruited friends, or just had a positive attitude and worked their tails off at every class. If you’re featured on the blog, you’ll get $5 gift card to a Juice/Smoothie restaurant of your choice (i.e.- Tropical Smoothie Café, JuiceLand, Smoothie King, etc)...not to mention bragging rights!

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