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Weekly Win - Diane's Results!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

My job is so rewarding, because I get to see people making steps to be healthier everyday! People are amazing in what they can accomplish when they get determined and have a plan. I took a break from sharing these stories with you (you can see previous ones here), but I have to start again because it is too selfish to keep them to myself when they could be encouraging you!!!

Diane Koenig is our Weekly Win!

She started bootcamp on June 25th, after a few years of trying to workout on her own and being a little lazy with her food choices. But there has been nothing lazy about Diane in the last 3 weeks and she has the results to show it! She has lost 10 lbs and 1.9% body fat! 🙌🏻

You may be wondering if she is working out hard everyday and starving herself. No! She is coming to camp consistently 3x/week and doing one of my meal plans. This plan has delicious recipes, but I was a little concerned that Diane may not stick to it because she has teenagers at home and a husband who loves Bush's chicken 🐔. I was wrong! She has cooked the meals, and most of them have been warmly received by her family!

Did Diane have to give up anything that was really hard? Well, she would be the first to tell you that she really enjoyed her nightly wine 🍷, with possibly a little more on the weekends. I encouraged her to only have 1 or 2 glasses on the weekend and none during the week. She has found some good sparkling waters to somewhat take the place 😉.

Last week on her beach trip, she did have some wine, but much less than normal. She also planned ahead for some healthy snacks and ate grilled fish or chicken when dining out. So the reward was so satisfying when she weighed in on Monday and had lost more weight - even on vacation!

Is it all about the weight?

Absolutely not! But weight loss is a big goal for Diane because she knows that she hasn't felt as well for daily life. In camp this morning, when I gave the option to take a short run before stretching at the end of the workout, Diane chose the run and others followed. That would not have been her choice a month ago. But this is the bonus of making healthy choices!

Pam and Diane after workout
Happy faces after a workout!

Every healthy choice spills over into another healthy choice. Diane is not only getting results, but she is leading others to do the extra to receive their rewards also!

Congrats and thanks for encouraging us, Diane!!!

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Thanks for all the encouragement Pam.

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