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From Uncertain to Confident!

deanna healthy hero

Deanna Ramirez is a happy soul who joined our boot camp on a Groupon 3 years ago (pic on the left). 😀 At first, she didn't seem like she cared that much about working out, so I didn't expect her to stay past her initial 6 weeks. 🙊 But she surprised me and has been committed to working out with us ever since. She started out in the 6:30am group, and when I discontinued that class time for a while, I thought again that she might stop. But once again she proved me wrong and I am SO glad she did! 💃🏼

Deanna birthday

Not only has Deanna gotten leaner, stronger, and faster along the way, but she let's me push her and always accepts the challenge - sometimes with a laugh, but she goes for it either way. 💪🏻 Listen to her thoughts about life in the fitness lane:

"I first started working out because my sister was getting married and I was asked to be her maid of honor so that meant dress fittings and what not. My goal from the beginning was to just look good in my dress but as I continued on my fitness journey I found that goal changing because I found myself feeling more confident in myself and my body. This was a turning point for me because I had dealt with some major self esteem issues especially in my youth which caused me to almost always put myself last. With my new found confidence I learned that it was okay to put myself first; how could I take care of others if I didn’t take care of myself first. Prior to meeting Pam I would take the occasional run in the evenings, but I would find myself making excuses why I couldn’t go. There was no accountability which I discovered I needed; truth be told it was lonely and boring to workout alone. What I love most about bootcamp is the accountability and the encouragement that I get from not only Pam but the other campers when I make it back to camp. For me bootcamp has been life changing. I am now a morning person who feels like something is missing from my day when I miss my morning workout. My attitude about working out has changed from something boring that I have to do to something fun that makes my day complete. I seriously can’t think of a better way or more amazing people to start my day with."

Deanna, you embody fitness with your lifestyle, your strength, and your attitude. Your life is busy and full, but you get to camp when you can and you start your day off with a challenge. We love what you bring to the group with your kindness, your happy spirit, and your sense of strength and fun. Congratulations on being our everyday Healthy Hero...and happy 33rd birthday! 🎉

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