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Healthy Heroes Leave Their Desks!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

healthy hero

Leslie Cox is our latest Healthy Hero!

Leslie has been attending one of our Corporate boot camps for a year and a half. In the last 6 months, Leslie has become so much stronger and leaner! At first Leslie was definitely struggling in the workouts. Like all the new campers, she took a lot of rests and used light weights.

But today is a different story. Sometimes when there is a scheduled break, Leslie will just take off for a short run instead! And she has continuously increased her weights. It's always fun to hear the client's perspective.

Here's what Leslie has to say:

"I’m honored to be this month’s healthy hero. It is such a privilege to come outside during my lunch hour and workout with you. It is always my favorite part of my Mondays and a great kick start for the week.
Growing up I was always on sports teams mostly soccer and swim team and did ballet. As an adult I was a long distance runner for many years and practiced yoga on a regular basis. However, at some point between changing jobs, moving away from Town Lake and having to take time off from exercise due to an injury I became a couch potato and just couldn’t get back into my normal exercise routine. There’s always an excuse… I’m not a morning person and would be drained after work.
I started at Specialty Insurance in March of 2017 and attended boot camp on my first day of work here. I forgot water and was beet red by the end of the workout, but I came back!
working out on lunch break
My weight when I started was the highest it had ever been and my doctor told me my blood pressure put me in the at risk category. High BP and heart disease run in my family so I knew I had to do something and stick to it.
Since starting your bootcamp I have lost almost 20 pounds and my doctor informed me that my BP was “excellent” at my last physical. Outside of Boot Camp I take my dog for runs around the lake on the weekends to make sure she gets the exercise she deserves. Maintaining a healthy weight is a good motivator but I also strive to continue on building my strength and overall fitness."

Leslie, we are so proud of you for the way you have improved your quality of life! It sounds like you have improved the quantity of your life also. It always makes me happy to look out and see your strength improving with every workout. Congratulations and keep it up!

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