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Healthy Heroes Work to Get Stronger and Better!

Christi Menke is this week's Healthy Hero!

Christi laughed when I told her I chose her, because she is always having to modify her workouts because of her knees. But that's real life, right? And that's what makes Christi this week's Healthy Hero - she is committed to being the healthiest person she can be. Christi comes to one of my corporate workouts twice a week on her lunch hour. It is a rare day when Christi misses camp. We work really hard, and Christi doesn't stop. She may change up what she is doing to keep her body strong and not injured, but she continues to push through. Here is Christi's story:

"I’ve always been very active (gymnastics, cheerleading and running). When I started having problems with my knees (in my 30’s) and found out I eventually needed knee replacements, I knew I needed to keep the weight off. I dropped 20 pounds before my surgery 10 1/2 years ago and my goal is to keep it off. I do struggle with it at times but doing boot camp (even tho modified) has helped with this. My goal is not necessarily to be skinny but to be fit and continue to be as active as I possibly can. Before I started boot camp I had gym memberships and would enjoy running down on Town Lake. I do like working out in the middle of the day as it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something and it also helps with the stress of the day. Plus I have a different workout designed for me everyday. Having a coach push me keeps me motivated and moving forward."

Christi has an awesome attitude and she inspires the others with her consistency and drive. Way to overcome your obstacles and get better with age Christi!

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