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No Napping During Corporate Bootcamp!

corporate bootcamp

OK, so he really wasn't napping 😉...he had just had that good feeling of accomplished fatigue when you know you gave something your all. This is Nathan and he had finished his workout with a weighted plank during his lunch hour corporate bootcamp! 💪🏻

You may know that I host a 5:30am bootcamp, but did you know that I also provide corporate fitness bootcamps where I come to your facility? These campers are dedicated and choose to work out during their lunch break! Many times, including today, they give up a paid for meal at a good restaurant to throw around weights and sandbells. We always incorporate full body workouts that include a lot of core. Then they wash up and finish their afternoon full of happy, productive endorphins that make the afternoon fly by! It's a great way to improve your health and de-stress at the same time. Contact me if you want to pursue something similar at your workplace. If you haven't worked out today, be inspired by this amazing group and make it happen! "You're only one workout away from a good mood 😃"

corporate camp
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