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Healthy Heroes Keep it Fun!

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I love my job!

It is so rewarding because I am surrounded by motivated people who inspire me on a daily basis. They don't all look the same and they are not all the same age or fitness level. But they all share one thing in common: the desire to push past their excuses to reap the rewards of being physically and mentally fit. This week's healthy hero has a really fun story, that is definitely unique to her, but we can all still see ourselves in her thoughts and choices. She wrote her story out for me, and it is so fun to read that I just decided not to edit so you could enjoy it as much as I did. The only extra info I want to give you is that when she says "quints" she is talking about her quintuplets! Yes 5 at once!!! Going for baby number 3 turned into babies 3 👶🏼, 4 👶🏼, 5 👶🏼, 6 👶🏼, and 7 👶🏼!

So yes, she needs to keep her energy up, but she also has plenty of excuses to not take the time (anyone feeling a little lame with their time excuse now? 😉). Here is her fun story:

"I've been an "exerciser" most of my life---mostly because I have also struggled with my weight my whole life. I pretty much dreaded exercising until after I had Kaiya (now 15) when I started running with some friends. Up until then I despised running, but my desire to be with the friends overpowered my hate of running, and after the first few runs when I thought I was going to die (I couldn't quit because I had to save face with my friends), then I found out that I actually liked running and that exercising is a thousand times more fun when done with friends.

cedar park quints

After I had the quints, running is what kept me sane...I had amazing overnight volunteers that would come from 10pm to 6am to help with the babies, and when the quints were 3 months old, I started running about 2 miles every morning at 5:30 am before the volunteers left. It seemed crazy to give up even a half hour of precious sleep time, but running was the one thing I did during the day that made me feel "normal" (instead of like a crazy lady with 5 babies!). When the quints were about 6 months old, I got the coolest jogging stroller ever---a 5-person Runabout as seen below. I took them for a walk/run every day. It was one of the few ways I was able to get out of the house with all 5 babies without needing extra helpers!

cedar park quints

When the quints were 3, I joined the YMCA and started doing group exercise classes (free babysitting!!) - mostly Zumba and Bodypump. I did a couple of half marathons and then my friend talked me into doing a triathlon in 2011. I still really hate swimming, but my friend and her husband and Jayson and I (and any other friends we can talk into it) do a triathlon every year now (our next one is the Kerrville Triathlon coming up in 2 weeks).

I started coming to Bootcamp in May of this year to participate in the Group Challenge. I was having a hard time motivating myself to get back into some healthier habits and I knew that the challenge would be just the thing to get me back on track and keep me accountable. From the very first day, I loved coming to Bootcamp. I love the camaraderie among all the bootcampers---everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I looked around and saw how fit everyone looked and I knew I was in the right place because I wanted to be fit like them! I love that the bootcampers really care about each other and notice when someone is missing (you don't get that at the gym!). The workouts are challenging and hard, but they push me to do more than I thought I could. I went to BodyPump classes regularly at the gym for 8 years, but I didn't really look forward to "BodyPump day" and I felt like strength improvements were really slow in coming, and then usually erased if I missed a couple of weeks. With Bootcamp, I have noticed a big difference in strength. I am starting to see muscle definition where there wasn't any before. As I have been training for the triathlon, I have noticed improvements in speed and endurance in biking and running (we won't talk about swimming----I'll just be happy if I don't drown!). I look forward to Bootcamp days and I'm kind of sad on days when we don't have camp. Since I started coming in May, I have never missed a Bootcamp except when I have been out of town (and I did miss Memorial day because I was doing a church fun-run). My husband, Jayson, says that I have been happier since starting Bootcamp, and I must have made it look fun, because I talked him into trying it this summer and now he loves it too! Not only have I gotten stronger and more toned, I have also lost 8 pounds since starting Bootcamp!

Pam, I am so grateful for your enthusiasm & encouragement! You radiate with positivity and I really appreciate all you do to uplift and motivate all of us. I am so happy to have found you and Bootcamp. And I am honored to be the "healthy hero!"


I saw a quote by Rachel Hollis on Instagram today that reminds me of Rachelle:

inspirational quote

Congratulations Rachelle on pushing past your excuses and taking your fitness to the next level! 🎉

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