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Healthy Heroes are Consistent!

Healthy Hero

Kelsey Boyd is this week's Healthy Hero!

Kelsey is one of those faithful, fun, champions who rarely complains at camp (I mean everyone complains occasionally right?). She has been coming to one of our corporate camps twice a week on her lunch hour for a few years. She reminds me of the tortoise in the tale of the tortoise and the hare, not because she is slow, LOL. But because Kelsey is consistent and keeps pushing herself a little more each time and she is winning the race! I have watched Kelsey get so much stronger and leaner. When she started boot camp, she couldn't do a regular push-up. I always encourage us to go deep into our push-ups with full range of motion so we can get those chest muscles strong. Kelsey worked hard on that and now she rocks her push-ups with perfect form! In our fitness challenge yesterday she did 30 in one minute!

I asked Kelsey why she works out and here is what she said:

"I’ll be 30 on May 16th and I will have been married for 10 years on May 11th. My husband and I have been working out together. Our motto is, a couple that works out together stays together. We’ve done a Spartan race and a Tough Mudder. He always tells me to be a beast, and when I’m working out to release the beast. So that’s always what I have to tell myself. There are days when I really don’t want to do anything and I have to tell myself it’s all in my head. It’s all about your mindset. I’m a very shy person, not very outgoing, but I’ve found when I work out I get to be more of myself, and that’s when the crazy comes out haha. I’ve always loved working out, and I love all kinds of dance, especially ballet. With strength training, I’ve definitely doubled in muscle size and when I see those results it just motivates me even more. I love that we are able to have bootcamp at work because I really have no excuse not to go, and really do feel so much better about myself."

Kelsey, thanks for reminding us that great results come with great, consistent effort. You motivate us to keep pushing forward to reach our goals!

Healthy Hero

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