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Healthy Heroes Survive and Thrive!

Tracy Landrum is our incredible healthy hero this week. Tracy has been coming to boot camp for about 3 years. She works full time and has a busy life with teenage and young adult kids. But this fall life became even more challenging for Tracy when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She went from managing a busy life to also becoming a supportive, helping, caretaker.

Here is what life looked like for Tracy during that time:

"Before Thanksgiving, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and his radiation treatments started the day after Christmas. It was during this journey that I realized how difficult it was to watch someone you love go through such a difficult time. There was nothing I could do…everything was out of my control. In addition to lots and lots of prayers, I tried to make my husband comfortable as best I could. One of the things that kept me going and recharged my “fuel tank” was to stay active with exercise. It was a great stress relief for me. Making it a priority helped me focus on something positive and continuing to exercise gave me the stamina I needed to get through this challenging time. There were days I really struggled and didn’t feel like exercising but surrounding myself with positive habits and caring people made all the difference! There were many Mondays that I did NOT want to go to exercise class, but all I could hear was Pam’s voice “Never Miss a Monday”, so I peeled myself out of bed and made it to class. Thanks, Pam, for your motivation and always keeping it fun!"

Early Morning Dips!

Life will always bring us challenges. Let's learn from Tracy to not let them defeat us, but instead to face them and find inner strength to stay the course. Thanks for encouraging us to rise above, Tracy. You are an amazing Healthy Hero!

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