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New Spring Into Summer Shred Group Challenge


Are you wanting to lose weight and get healthy but have a hard time finding the time, energy and motivation? Keep reading!

We want to help you start your summer lighter, stronger, and feeling better than ever. Studies show that people adhere more to exercise done in groups, so join our 4-Week Spring into Summer Group Challenge that starts May 7th. You'll make new friends and be inspired to work harder than you might on your own - time will fly by as you improve your health and boost your mood! 😀


Plus, who doesn't love a little competition? You'll be competing in teams of THREE for the most weight lost as a group and/or the most points won as a team. The 2 winning teams will win CASH prizes and fun Health and Soul t-shirts or tanks!

The best time to do what needs to be done is NOW, so don't hesitate! Grab a few friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members and sign up - you'll be glad you did when you're wearing your swimsuits, shorts and tank tops on vacations, at beaches or in pools this summer!

Ready to make a change? Want to look and feel your BEST this summer?

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