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Healthy Heroes Don't Let Busy Schedules Sidetrack Their Goals

Lisa Mann is our new Healthy Hero! 💪🏻

Lisa has been coming to camp for a number of years. She had done well with her weight loss and fitness goals, but as is often the case, life had gotten busy and the workouts had fallen by the wayside. Lisa works full-time, has kids, and is taking college classes! 😱 Wow - that is an exhausting schedule. One can't blame her for letting her workouts slide.

But let's be honest, when you're not working out, you have less energy, you aren't as mentally sharp, you don't sleep as well, and you aren't as productive. Plus, you gain weight and lose muscle and that doesn't help you feel good! So Lisa rejoined boot camp, which was definitely a challenge for her schedule. We watched Lisa struggle through the adjustments, work on her diet, lose weight, gain a little back, and then kick it into gear the last few months and start getting the results she wanted! She started cooking easy, simple, super healthy meals. I think she is discovering every possible recipe for cauliflower rice. 😁

Here's what Lisa has to say:

"During my fitness journey, I’ve been going to boot camp off and on for over 7+ years. Not only do I always get the results I want but I’ve also meet some really great people too. I just started back less than a year ago and have lost a total of 14 lbs so far and several inches. It has been a combination of a healthy diet, persistence, and support from everyone at camp. For me, the morning class it is the only way to get in a consistent full body workout."

Lisa we are so proud of you for crushing your goals! You are amazing and we are encouraged by your goals!


healthy heroes

What is a Healthy Hero? We’ll be featuring a couple "Healthy Heroes" on the blog each month! These people will be campers who have made great improvements at boot camp, been consistent in showing up each week, recruited friends, or just had a positive attitude and worked their tails off at every class. If you’re featured on the blog, you’ll get $5 gift card to a Juice/Smoothie restaurant of your choice (i.e.- Tropical Smoothie Café, JuiceLand, Smoothie King, etc)...not to mention bragging rights!

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