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What's Your Excuse?

Healthy Hero

What lengths do you go to to make your workout happen? Justin goes to "short lengths" 🤣. In this picture (top left), he is wearing one of his female co-worker's shorts because he forgot his and didn't want to let anything get in the way of his lunchtime workout! That is some serious dedication!!! Now if you knew Justin, you wouldn't be surprised. He often entertains us. But the guy is serious about getting healthy and strong. Like many of us, Justin used to play soccer so he remembers the days of lots of running 🏃, working out 💪, and being super fit.

But he also has some knee issues from those days and when he first joined our corporate group, he had to be careful with his workouts. However, our bodies have the amazing ability to get better when we take care of them properly! Justin started losing weight and being consistent with our twice-a-week workouts, and he never even mentions his knee anymore! In addition, Justin is working on getting back to his college mile time. I love that! Many people would think that was impossible, and it is a lofty goal. But it is incredible what we can accomplish when we don't give into any excuses in our heads. Our minds have a powerful control over our body!

Here is what Justin has to say about his results:

"I have been working out with Pam for about a year. When I started, I was weighing 221 lbs. I recently weighed myself at 181! After losing 40 lbs., I feel much better about myself and have more energy. Also, I have almost completely cut out sodas and fast foods. You can start to see some muscles appearing on my arms, which has never happened in my life. Without getting into Pam’s workout, there’s no telling what I might weigh today."

People like Justin inspire me everyday, which is why I like to share their story so you can be inspired as well. Getting healthy takes hard work and commitment, but it is also fun with a supportive group. And anyone can do it, you just have to overcome all of your excuses (like forgetting to bring your workout shorts 😀). Congratulations Justin - You are a well deserving Healthy Hero!

...and here's Justin crushing it in his regular workout clothes. 😄

Justin crushing it in his regular workout clothes 😄
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