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Stephanie is our New Healthy Hero!

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

healthy hero

Stephanie Knapp is our new Healthy Hero! Stephanie has always liked working out 🏃‍♀️, but as most of us know, adulthood, marriage, work, and then having a baby can make staying fit challenging! Life gets busy and full, and pregnancy can wreak havoc on a body. After having Zella, she had to work hard like everyone else to lose that baby weight (babies 👶 are so worth it though!). And not only has she lost her baby weight, but she weighs 5lbs less then she did before she got pregnant!

That's just all the physical stuff. I would love for you to get to know Stephanie. She is ALWAYS positive. Recently during our workout she got a phone call from her husband saying that he had lost his job. After I heard her encourage him on the phone, I thought she would probably want to be done for the day. I expressed my condolences, and she immediately said, "something good will come of this and we will be fine." She refocused, worked hard, and encouraged others during the hour! The boot camp that Stephanie attends is in a parking garage at her place of work. It's summer ☀️ in Austin and she has to go back to work after the workout. Stephanie doesn't care what the weather is, if she doesn't have a meeting then she is going to be in our noon boot camp!

Here is what Stephanie has to say about fitness and boot camp:

"Boot camp is amazing in so many ways-you not only uplift us every week with positive words and encouragement, you also challenge us while making it fun! Our group has a sense of comradery that cannot be beat, and I truly look forward to attending every week. After the baby, it was hard difficult to get back to where I was! Through the support of not only you, but the other members of the camp, I was excited to get back to working out on a regular basis and I bounced back in no time. I am down over 5lb from my pre-baby weight!!!!!"

Stephanie doesn't let excuses get in the way of anything in her life. She inspires me to be healthier, stronger, and to always enjoy life. Congrats on being an awesome Healthy Hero Stephanie! 🎉

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