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Healthy Heroes are Contagious!

healthy hero Norma

Norma Cantu is this week's Healthy Hero! When I told Norma that she had been chosen, she said "Why? I am overweight and there are so many people more deserving then ME." Well Norma, here is why:

Norma attends one of our corporate camps. We come to her business park twice a week for boot camp. Most of the time we are outside, and although it usually looks beautiful in Austin, the weather conditions are not always ideal.

healthy hero

There are plenty of reasons to keep Norma from coming:

  1. She has asthma.

  2. She is 66 years old.

  3. She only started working out a few years ago.

  4. She is not at her ideal body weight...yet.

  5. She has work priorities.


There are also plenty of reasons she makes working out a priority:

  1. She wants to play on the floor with her grandkids.

  2. She wants to stay off of medication. Norma has been able to quit her cholesterol medication and she has seen a reversal in her Osteopenia since starting boot camp!

  3. She feels so much better!

  4. She is happier. 😊

  5. She has lost weight and has dropped 2 dress sizes! 🙌🏻

corporate camp

Here is what Norma left on our voicemail when she found out she was chosen as the Healthy Hero:

"I don't know why you picked me but I am so happy and excited! The workout classes have been totally amazing. I just love working out. Sometimes it is really hard but when I do go and participate, it is the most incredible feeling. Whenever there are exercises that I cannot do, Pam gives me modifications so that I can keep going. I am very blessed to have these workouts provided and also have the support of my workout family. One day, I was stirring a pot while cooking dinner and my grandson said 'Dang, grandma look at those muscles in your arms!' 💪🏻 I am grateful at my age that I can still work and now I can even workout! I love my life now!"

As you can imagine, Norma's fun-loving attitude is contagious and often shared at just the right time in a challenging workout. One of my favorite "Norma moments" is that she often turns her cardio intervals into some kind of dance party! 💃🏼 Spreading her love for God and for people makes Norma a well-deserving Healthy Hero! 🎉 Congrats Norma!

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