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Healthy Heroes are Happy!

healthy heroes are happy

Jeri Milo is our new Healthy Hero!

Jeri comes to our 6:20am bootcamp. She started coming because of her health, and she has made awesome changes both physically and mentally. Jeri says working out not only helps her feel stronger and healthier, but it's also important for her mood management (we all need that, right?). She is happier when she works out!

Honestly, Jeri is a pretty happy person, but then again, I mostly see her when she is working out, so maybe that's why 😁. The workouts have never been easy for Jeri (or for any of us for that matter), but she always works hard. She laughs when something is a little too challenging or doesn't work for her, instead of shaming herself. I love that! ❤️ She makes all of our workouts happier.

Healthy Hero's are happy

Physically, Jeri has lost over 20lbs and has seen changes in her bloodwork (cholesterol, etc) and blood pressure. She is getting younger, stronger, and leaner by the day!

Lately, Jeri has had a lot of "interference" in her life. Her father passed away and she has been cleaning out his house in Dallas, her AC broke which was an unplanned expense, and her house is being redone, which has caused her to need to rent a house for a month that is 30 min from camp. But she is not letting any of that stop her! Jeri has a new lease on life and she knows the importance of getting her workouts in, even in the face of opposition. We can all learn from not giving into our excuses!

Healthy Heroes

Thanks Jeri for motivating us to be our best selves and to get younger as we age! 💪🏻 You are an amazing healthy hero!


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