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Healthy Heroes Rise to the Challenge!

healthy hero

Sammie Mouser is our new Healthy Hero! 💪🏻

You can't help but know Sammie without being on the receiving end of her encouraging words and smiles. 😊 She makes those she is working out with feel strong and able. That is because Sammie IS strong and able. When I first met Sammie, I didn't really think she would stay on after her initial Groupon. She was really nice, but for some reason didn't really seem like the type to be devoted to exercise. Boy was I wrong! Sammie was determined to get healthy, and while that was happening, she got strong, lost weight, and started competing in Spartan races! I have done a few races alongside Sammie, and she took on the races like a boss, smiling the whole time. 😃 She's even currently training for her next Spartan in October!

healthy hero Sammie

I asked Sammie to tell me her story. She relayed the following:

"Joining bootcamp was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have noticed a HUGE increase in my upper and lower body strength and stamina. Although challenging, the bootcamp classes are lots of fun and Pam keeps everyone super motivated! The workouts are never the same so it keeps the body guessing. It has helped me tremendously in preparing for the Spartan Trifecta".

When you have goals, it makes a difference to have a coach and a team. We can all achieve more by working together then we can alone. We make each other stronger, and we are stronger together! Congrats Sammie - you inspire us! 🎉

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