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This Grandma Is On The Go!

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

healthy hero

One of my favorite aspects of my work is getting to see how fitness positively affects every area of a person's life. ❤️ This week's Healthy Hero, Sandi Tidmore, has found fitness to bring her needed strength at home, needed health for herself and her family, needed energy to be a fun and caring grandma, and the bonus of making her relationships so much more meaningful at work! Let's face it, we spend the majority of our time at work. What a gift to find encouragement and support from your co-workers!


Here is how she answered my question of why she works out:

"Being a mother of two boys and now grandmother to 5 grandbabies, I need to be healthy and have energy so I can keep up with them. Working at a desk and behind a computer all day, every day doesn’t do much in that regard. I also have a special needs son who will always live with me. He is confined to a wheel chair and requires transferring from bed to chair and back. He’s 27 and about 180 lbs now and if I didn’t have strength, I wouldn’t be able to move him back & forth. I added boot camp twice a week and healthy eating to my schedule about 12 to 15 years ago. It makes a huge difference in the way I feel, especially regarding my energy level. Going in for my annual physical each year has proven that I’m a pretty healthy gal. Being almost to retirement age and not taking any medications except vitamins says a lot. I’m pretty proud of that!
I’m grateful for you and boot camp because with my hectic schedule, I probably wouldn’t make the time to go before or after work so the lunch time work-outs are perfect in every way for me. Another great thing about working out on my lunch hour is that i get to do it with all my friends from work. It’s such a great way to bond, team build and stay active all at the same time. I’ve always been one that’s “on the go” but haven’t always taken the best care of myself. Making healthy choices is so much easier when you’re around others who are choosing to be fit and healthy. On top of all that, it is a great stress reliever. A hectic day is not so hectic after 45 minutes of running around, playing in the garage 😂."


healthy hero

Sandi consistently gives her all during the workouts. Our workouts are never easy, but Sandi always does them to the best of her ability, even in adverse conditions (like lunchtime in August in a parking garage 😳). She is in her early 60s, a time when people are choosing to "take it easy". Sandi may not feel like she has a choice because people are depending on her, but we all have a choice. Honestly, when I hear what Sandi does in her "off" time, it makes me a little tired. 🤯 She gives life her all at work, her workouts, and in her free time. Thanks Sandi for being such an inspiring Healthy Hero! 🎉

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