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Our First Healthy Hero!

Healthy Hero

I have the easiest job in the world because I work daily with people who inspire me. They don't all inspire me for the same reasons. Some are super fit and want to stay healthy or reach a new fitness goal. Some are just starting out and have been told by their doctor that they better exercise and change their diet if they want to live longer. Most are just regular people like you and me who know they feel better physically and mentally when they make fitness a non-negotiable in their life. Since I get to be motivated by them daily, I decided it was only fair that I start sharing this inspiration with you.

So today I share my first Healthy Hero, Mary Farmer! Mary comes to our 5:30 am boot camp. When I think of descriptive words for Mary, I think of faithful, energetic, joyful, kind, determined, and focused! She rarely misses a morning workout, even though she loves to run (yes that is the only thing we don't understand - she actually enjoys it 😁). She just completed her 6th half marathon on Sunday, and she did boot camp (leg day!) on Friday before and Monday and Tuesday after! As you can see by her pictures. Mary has never been heavy. In fact, in her before picture she was running. Then she added boot camp and it was a game changer for her! She lost over 10 pounds of fat and has gained significant lean muscle tissue. She dropped her running times and even did a 9 mile Spartan Super with obstacles. So you can see the reasons for the fitness related descriptive adjectives, but she also always comes with a smile on her face and has a kind acceptance for the rest of the group.

"One thing I distinctly remember is that there was NO WAY ON EARTH I could ever get up at 5am to do a boot camp and function the rest of the day.....just no way. But I went one time and had so much fun and everyone there seemed to be surviving and having fun, so I figured I could too. Now 3 years later, if I miss a day of boot camp I feel like my whole day is thrown off! It has become my routine and I love it." -Mary Farmer

Healthy Hero

Thanks for being a Healthy Hero and inspiring our community Mary. You are amazing!!!


What is a Healthy Hero? We’ll be featuring a couple "Healthy Heroes" on the blog each month! These people will be campers who have made great improvements at boot camp, been consistent in showing up each week, recruited friends, or just had a positive attitude and worked their tails off at every class. If you’re featured on the blog, you’ll get $5 gift card to a Juice/Smoothie restaurant of your choice (i.e.- Tropical Smoothie Café, JuiceLand, Smoothie King, etc)...not to mention bragging rights!

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