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Spring Break Break!

Spring Break

Spring Break!

It's not actually my spring break, but it may be your family's. It is for most of Austin, which brings fun events to our city like South by Southwest. The afternoons have been beautiful and people are heading outside and even to the lake for recreation. The places that are noticeably quieter are the workout facilities. As a trainer, I used to get a little concerned when people didn't show up, even if I knew there was a good reason. But the truth is we all need some ebb and flow in our lives. It's okay to take a spring break and chill a little bit on your regular workout.

Our food plan can be the same way. If you eat a healthy diet consistently, then you may want to do what we call a "cheat meal" or a "cheat day" to reset your mind and body. I went with my daughter, Maddy, to an Austin burger place this week called Moonies and she encouraged me to try eating the bun with the burger since I have recently been healing from some food allergies. I decided to take her up on it (and I admit - the bun was really good! This place is famous for their buns).


So what happens after spring break or after the cheat meal? This is where the "rubber meets the road' as we used to say in Oklahoma. Can I enjoy my burger with the bun but not choose that next time because I know it really doesn't do my body any good? And can you enjoy your spring break but get back into your workouts again on the Monday after? If we are going to have ebb and flow, then we can't get stuck in ebb.

Your efforts bring sweet rewards, so enjoy your break! Let it refresh your mind and body, and be grateful that you have the strength and energy to re-engage in the disciplines of life that keep you healthy!

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