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Free 1-Year Weight Watchers Magazine Subscription

Weight Watchers

Hey friends! If you enjoy reading magazines or are currently following the Weight Watchers diet plan, you may be interested in this email that a friend recently sent to me...

Hey Pam! We often post free magazine offers where I work and I just saw that a free 1-year Weight Watchers Magazine Subscription became available again. I've requested these magazines many times before and they always show up in the mail and are completely free - no credit card info required and you won't ever get a bill in the mail! You can just go here and fill out the form to request yours.

And note that although the site looks like it's only for businesses, you can actually choose Homemaker, Retired, Student, or Unemployed/Between Jobs as Industries too (under Other Industries). Just thought I'd pass this along for anyone who may be interested! These offers don't always last long, so snag yours sooner than later if you're interested. Oh and it includes 6 issues!

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