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Got Gratefulness?

We are entering the season of Thankfulness. How does that thought strike you today? Do you feel thankful right now, or does life feel difficult and discouraging? I think it is interesting that Thanksgiving comes as the seasons change. In some seasons of life, it is easy to be thankful. Maybe you got a new job, met the love of your life, or had a baby. In other seasons, being grateful can be a challenge. Maybe you have recently experienced a loss and you feel hard pressed to think of anything to be grateful for.

But here's the truth that you have heard before. Practicing gratefulness will change your perspective. Even in the darkest of times, finding something small to be grateful for will make your heart a little lighter. In the Bible, we are instructed to "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances". It was written by a man named Paul who had been beaten near death, jailed multiple times, shipwrecked, etc. But he knew that there is a secret to giving thanks in all circumstances. It changes the way we look at our circumstances.

So this month I am going to do the daily Gratitude Journal on social media. It's been done before by myself and others. But I believe it is a good practice to do annually. I would love for you to join in this Gratitude Journey with me during November. We can encourage each other with our words. I believe we will head into December truly having thankful hearts.

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