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The Practice of Perspective

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If you follow my blog, you know that I am practicing the November ritual of daily gratitude. I am encouraging others to join me in our online journal. When I first thought about doing this, I wondered if it was a good idea because I have done it before, and so have others. Maybe I should do something original. I am so glad I pushed beyond that thought. This will definitely be my November ritual. Do you want to know why the abrupt change?

Today is November 4th. On November 1st, I wondered what I should express first. Of course there are many things to be grateful for, but I wanted them to all be authentic - from my heart. I chose my first one, and then my second. Yesterday was only the third day and I was already contemplating doing 2 posts in one day. Why? Because my heart was overflowing with thankfulness! My circumstances have not changed in the last four days. I do not have more time or more money. Well yes, Baylor did beat OSU in football and I got to see good friends, but the things that cause normal stress or anxiety are still there. However, I cannot tell you how happy my heart feels. ❤️

thankful and gratitude

In my social media posts, I am not just expressing thankfulness. I am also asking you to do the same. And everyone of your responses blesses me as well! As a community and a nation, we have seen way too much of the opposite happening. We express our frustration, or we listen to others (maybe the media) express frustration, and we each absorb more negativity.

Thank you for participating in this season of Thankfulness. Please join in and invite others to do the same. We are going to head into the holidays full of our own Joy and Merry, not because everything is perfect, but because we have chosen to find the nourishment for our souls in our daily lives. 😊

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