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Top 5 Timeless Truths

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I am grateful for my parents!

My parents have had some health challenges in the past year, but they are the ones who initially instilled in me the spirit of gratitude. I am sure you have seen or heard the following quote:

Gratitude turns what we have into enough!

This reminds me of my parents. I did not grow up wealthy, but I never remember discussions of money or not having enough of anything. Looking back, I probably thought we were wealthy (and of course we were if compared to the world as a whole). But now I realize some of the sacrifices my parents made so that my siblings and I could go to the private college we wanted to attend. They also sacrificed so that we could be in competitive gymnastics, or for other extracurricular activities as we got older.

Maddy, my youngest (in middle below), always reminds me to never live in regrets. But I will say I have not always followed in my parents footsteps in the area of contentment. I have often longed for more money and more things. Yet my cup is overflowing with that which really matters.

My family without Molly or Nam

I have a wise, kind, loving husband of 30 years. We have 3 amazing adult children and an incredible son-in-law who we love to spend time with because they bring us great joy. Jim and I have great extended families and both sets of living parents! We are healthy and get to spend our days in fulfilling work with great people. So are you thinking I am a brat if I complain or talk about the sacrifices I make? You should be because that would be totally appropriate!

Having enough is rarely about having enough. It is about our attitude regarding what we do have. So today I am grateful for the opportunity to be reminded of some great truths my parents taught me by both word and example:

  1. Seek and love God above all

  2. Love people the way that God loves people

  3. Be GRATEFUL for everything

  4. Always be quick to give help and open to receive help if needed

  5. Work hard and give your best in everything that you do.

Now that I list these out, they all sound like they come straight from the Bible. They did their job well. As I look to the second half of my life and desire to Finish Strong, I am grateful to my parents for teaching me the timeless truths on how to be content and love my life.

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