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How Did I Get Here?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Someone asked me yesterday how long I had been working out. Ha! This is a funny question for me, because I cannot remember ever not working out. As a little girl, I remember my dad always walking really fast. I got my first experience at speed walking at the age of five 😊.

Then I moved into the years of gymnastics and cheerleading. I loved the body control I learned and how good I always felt from physical activity. When I went to college, I realized what it felt like to overeat and not exercise, and it wasn't good. I definitely gained the freshmen 15, which is a lot for someone my size. In college I struggled with my weight for the first time in life. (I bet you've never heard that story before 😉). I became a cheerleader at Baylor, which was super fun, but also brought even more body shame and struggles with weight. I loved the exercise, but it wasn't enough to overcome all of the chips, queso, and brownies that made their way into my body.

So I decided to figure out this whole fitness thing with education. I studied Exercise Physiology and went on to get my master's in Corporate Wellness. This was in the 80s, and we were all about high carbs and super low fat. I don't remember a lot of talk about sugar, except from one of my professors who said it was a poison in our bodies. I pretty much ignored him and ate the brownies.

I absolutely loved learning about the body and fitness! I have a strong faith in God, so I l find it fascinating to see how He created our minds and bodies to function. I truly believe we are usually our biggest limitation. We find our own excuses for why we cannot do something, instead of accepting that our bodies are designed to move and excel. I know I am chasing a bunny trail, but it all relates. My journey with fitness has been full of changes. Everyday there is a new weight loss plan. We transitioned from all aerobic (slow cardio fat burning) to intervals and strength training mixed with cardio. Science is a moving target, and we don't always get it right. But there are a few things that have consistently proven to be true - we were created to move, and we were given healthy whole foods to eat that would nourish our bodies (if God made it eat it; if man made it leave it).

Sometimes I struggle with my chosen career. As a Christ follower, it can seem vain or lacking purpose. But when I work with people, I see how much better they feel from exercise and increasing their healthy habits. Sure these bodies are wasting away, but while we have them, we want to treat them with love and gratitude, and live this life as fully as possible. We are at our best when our mind and bodies function well. I get to help people be healthier, and also connect them in community with other people desiring to be healthy. So today I am grateful for the career path of fitness! If I have been fortunate enough to work with you, then know that you have been a gift and a daily reward for time well spent. If I haven't, then reach out and share with me your fitness journey! ❤️ We are all stronger together!

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