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Here's What Your Dad Really Wants for Father's Day!

As you probably know, Father’s Day is coming up … and if you don’t know what to give your dad this year, I have some healthy(-ish) ideas for you. In fact, if you poll your dad friends, you will probably find that most of them have one request near the top of their list!

They all want to to spend time with their kids – going fishing, bowling, to a movie, hitting up the batting cages or golf course, whatever. The bottom line is that the activity itself is beside the point – it’s all about doing something together. If you live near your father, definitely consider scheduling some quality time together!

And if that’s not possible, here are some other ideas:

  • Wireless headphones/earbuds. We got Jim a set for his birthday and he loves them!

  • Audible credits. He can listen to books while on the road.

  • A smart watch. This is a great gift if he’s into gadgets.

  • Grilling tools. If your dad likes to cook, consider getting him some grilling items that he wouldn’t buy for himself.

  • A pair of the original “cool” sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators (dads won't admit it, but they still want to be a little cool 😎).

  • A selection of hot sauces.

  • A new flashlight! We were with another couple last week and realized both men love a new flashlight! (I totally don't understand this one 🙃).

  • Gym gear! If your father is into fitness, he might like a new backpack or gym bag.

  • An Alexa or other home device, with accessories to control lights, heat, security camera or more.

Other ideas: if he has a fitness regimen, he might appreciate a gift certificate for personal training for ideas to help mix things up. Or, if he’s been wanting to try a new activity, you could get him a gift card for classes (how about boot camp!) or equipment.

JIm and the kids hiking and camping back in the day!

I hope these ideas help! Buying gifts for dad doesn’t have to be a hassle if you think about the kinds of things he enjoys doing. But mostly, he’ll like spending time with YOU! ❤️

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